Dovii Cichlid For Sale

Dovii cichlid for sale

Sale; Aquarium; Dog; Cat; Bird; Reptile; Small Pet; Pond; Wild Bird; Aquarium Livestock. Category: Pets & Animals Tags: Dovii Wolf Cichlid License: Standard YouTube License 20.

Shop on the Internet for dovii cichlids with Shopzilla. An enormous predator specialized to feed on other cichlids. Cichlids for Sale; Largest Selection on the web low cost Overnight Shipping Uploaded by strapp1000 on Oct 23, 2008 My Dovii swimming around.

Dovii cichlid tankmates

Dovii do not make good tankmates for any other species of fish, including other dovii. Temperature:-23C/74F to 28C/82F degrees pH:-7 Common Names-Dovii, Wolf Cichlid. Ok so I have a 55 gallon tank and I want to get convict. XSmall $9.99 Base color of the Wolf cichlid is gold.

Really aggressive when spawning, it will kill smaller tankmates. Temperament: This describes the overall demeanor of a cichlid toward other tankmates that Profile of the wolf cichlid, Parachromis dovii. Scientific Name: Parachromis dovii: Pronunciation: p r--kr-m s d-v: Common Name. He hangs out with a female Jaguar and a small pike cichlid. This profile page covers everything you need to know about Mini-dovii, Sieve Cichlid(Cichlasoma grammodes, Herichthys grammodes, Nandopsis grammodes).

Dovii cichlid

The body of this fish is pure muscle, which allows. The Dovii is somewhat similar in appearance to the jaguar cichlid. Scientific Name:-Nandopis dovii, Parachromis dovii (formerly Cichlasoma dovii), Herichthys dovii, Heros dovii Fish guide for Wolf Cichlid, Parachromis dovii profile with fish pictures, description and information, Dovii Cichlid care, diet, habitat and fish diseases, Wolf. Wolf Cichlid - Parachromis dovii - XSmall at the lowest price at That Fish Place - That Pet Place wolf cichlid information: Scientific name: Parachromis dovii Common name: Wolf cichlid Max. size: 72 cm / 28.5. Do not be fooled by its scientific name "dovii", meaning peaceful dove. World Cichlids Fish of the Month:- Nandopis dovii.

Cichlasoma (Nandopsis) dovii "Wolf cichlid" The correct scientific name for this remarkable fish is Nandopsis dovii however most hobbyists. This profile page covers everything you need to know about Wolf Cichlid, Guapote, Dovii Cichlid(Parachromis dovii, Cichlasoma dovii, Herichthys dovii, Heros dovii). The Parachromis dovii or wolf cichlid is one of the largest growing of the cichlidae family. One of the true Guapotes, this fish also is from Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Species name: Parachromis dovii Common name: Wolf Cichlid, Dovii Cichlid Family: Cichlidae Order: Perciformes Class: Actinopterygii Maximum size: Males around 28-30.

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